Dance Flamenco With Your Entire MIND, BODY & SOUL

Ready to transform the way you dance 7 days!?

Whether you're a NEW BEGINNER or a SEASONED DANCER, this 7 Day Flamenco Quickstart Challenge will leave you feeling EMPOWERED to dance with your entire MIND, BODY & SOUL!

Don't understand what happens in a flamenco dance?

You'll discover all the components of a dance so you can understand what the heck you're dancing and/or watching!

Get lost in the compás (beat)?

You'll solidify it through our palmas (hand clapping) practice as well as all the dance techniques in various palos (rhythms).

Don't know how to stop thinking so hard while dancing?

You'll gain expressiveness, fluidity and confidence through our dance drills for upper body, marking, footwork and turns. 

7 Day Flamenco Quickstart Challenge

with Rina Orellana

The 7 DAY FLAMENCO QUICKSTART CHALLENGE is a GREAT way to get your feet wet if you’re wanting to get back into a consistent flamenco practice. It’s also FANTASTIC to revisit every once in a while to track your progress and up-levell your technique.

Each day we take on a different technique and different palos (rhythms)-- all with the Mind, Body & Soul of Flamenco approach!

There are plenty of VARIATIONS to make the material SIMPLER for beginners or more CHALLENGING for seasoned dancers.

Purchase now and start dancing immediately!

JALEOS for the Challenge

Jaleos are the words of encouragement and approval that get shouted during a performance. ¡Ole! ¡Toma! ¡Arsa!


Loving the challenge! No matter how long you have been dancing, these fundamental elements of flamenco are always important!! Being able to catch and embody the rhythm with compas and feeling the different palos in your mind and expressing it through your body are vital to flamenco! Thank you Rina for keeping us grounded in puro flamenco!

~Lori M.


This was such a super amazing beautifully holistic challenge that ultimately challenge my mind, body an,d soul. The instructions were absolutely stellar and something I definitely plan on doing again. Thank you Online Flamenco Studio!

~Camille L.


If you ever wanted to get into the online flamenco courses, do it! Seriously. WOW. I'm not new to flamenco, I danced on and off 14 years with different teachers, but nobody could really explain and dissect the structures of each Palo with such detail and patience. If I had this when I was even a beginner I would feel so much more confident! I am so impressed! Rina, you are fab! Thank you! Not having access to in-person lessons doesn't make me sad anymore 😉 I am hooked!

~Molly M.

What's inside the challenge?


Module 1: Elements of Flamenco

Olé! We kick off our Flamenco Journey by understanding all the beautiful components of this art form. In this lecture, we go through a broad overview of Flamenco, the Dancer, and the Palos (Rhythms).


Module 2: Palmas - Hand Clapping

We start with Tangos- a fun and funky rhythm to practice our palmas (hand clapping). You can’t dance flamenco without a sense of the compás (rhythm) and the best way to train your ear to hear it is by practicing palmas. We will go over palmas sordas, palmas altas, other accents, and contratiempo (counter time).


Module 3: Hands & Upper Body

Let's get fluid and expressive hands and upper body using two opposite palos (rhythms)-- Guajiras and Farruca. Guajiras is feminine, languid and in 12 count while Farruca is masculine, sharp and in 4 count.


Module 4: Marking

When a dancer has aire it means she has style and substance. So here, we work on our flamenco attitude! We use the same marking steps and adapt them to two different palos with two different times! We'll dance with Alegrías and Tientos.


Module 5: Footwork

Let's get articulate and accented footwork in the rhythm of Seguirillas, a very intense 5-count palo.


Module 6: Turns

Let's get to turning! There are many styles of turns, but here is the most common basic one- with a little challenge midway through the video! We'll practice one turn then two turns in a single compás to the aggressive rhythm of Solea por Bulerías.


Module 7: Strengthening & Stretching

Let's take care of our body so we can dance flamenco with strength and avoid injuries!


Besides the regular video lessons, each day has a bonus recording with extra lessons and variations. ¡Olé!

About your maestra,
Rina Orellana

Rina is a Madrid-trained professional flamenco dancer with over 20 years of experience. She also has had her own dance academy in Los Angeles, California for over 15 years. There she trains many dancers from beginners looking for a fun community and workout all the way to training dancers to perform on their own in tablaos (flamenco venues.) She also has the Online Flamenco Studio, a thriving site with over 30 courses for dancers of all levels.

Rina has a special gift with breaking down the mysteries of flamenco into easy to understand elements. So, she thoroughly enjoys watching the progress her dancers have made whether it's finally "hearing the 12" for a beginner to a tablao dancer using one of her choreographies for her show.

It’s her hope that you, too, can begin your flamenco journey with the Intro to Flamenco Course and  unleash your own flamenco beast!!

Here’s what people are saying about Rina Orellana


Rina is a generous and enthusiastic teacher. Her love of flamenco is infectious. She explains things thoroughly, yet concisely. She demonstrates movements -  not only steps, but body position and arms and hands. After showing what she is going to teach, she breaks it down, then builds it back together, then practices with us! Thank you, Rina, for sharing your gift with us.

~Kathy S.


Rina's teaching is warm, encouraging and thorough, and you really feel that you are in a live class as you dance with her. For all of us who live in a "flamenco desert" this is a fantastic resource to find.

~Angela N.


Flamenco is a challenging dance form. Rina has a clear and unique way of breaking it down. She teaches the forms and movements clearly and slowly and also the structure of the dance. She has grace and power, expertise and patience and sense of humor. The Online Flamenco Studio is really a University of Compás! Ole!

~Cydney R.

7 day flamenco quickstart challenge course

7 module course for most levels

$47 USD

  • Lifetime Access
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  • 7 video lessons for all levels
  • Bonus 7 extra videos with even more variations for each day

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