with Rina Orellana

Learn the ins and outs of dancing in a cuadro so that you can confidently walk into the tablao ready to perform- even without rehearsal!

Of course, dancing in a cuadro takes some time to *truly* learn. It's all about experience and really learning from our own mistakes.

But you can be rather prepared by understanding the structure of your own dance, having clear transitions, knowing how to improvise when needed, having strong palmas and committing to keeping it strong & simple!

I remember...

my first solo that I did in tablao to Solea por Bulerías. The singer sang a different style of letra than my choreography. When my dancing didn't match his singing, I froze and blundered about until it was time do my escobilla. It took me what seemed like forever to figure what to do in that situation.

I see now how I probably should have known that there are different style letras, that I should truly *listen* to the cante, and have some super simple marcajes in my bones to pull out when needed.

I didn't know what I didn't know!

But you DON'T have to make the same mistakes I did.

Every dancer needs to understand a few key concepts before stepping on stage to perform:

  • * Structure of a tablao show
  • * Structure of a dance
  • * Structure of the letra to a particular palo
  • * How to listen to the cante
  • * How to make clear llamadas and transitions
  • * Understanding of palmas to the palos

You'll learn ALL of this at your own pace in the Cuadro Bootcamp Online!

The goal is understanding STRUCTURE, STRUCTURE, STRUCTURE.... and listening!

I can't stress this enough!

If you understand the structure and you can listen, then you can remember your choreography with ease or be free to improvise.

 Spend your time joyfully dancing rather than struggling through your solo trying to *remember* everything.

Learn How to K.I.S.S. Flamenco 💋

In this 4 part intensive, we will cover the palos of Tangos, Bulerías, Solea por Bulerías and Alegrías:

⌾ Understanding the music & palmas

⌾ The structure of the dance & the palos

⌾ How to improvise

⌾ Plus actual dance choreography

---All within my Kissing Like a Flamenco Framework. 💋

That's K.I.S.S.! Keep it strong & simple!!

If you *really* look at some of your favorite dancers, you'll notice that what they do is super simple, but it looks so complicated and amazing because they put in so much power and confidence behind it.

You can do that too. REALLY!

Here's What You Get 💋

All lessons are pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and rewatch as many times as necessary.

---> Four sections recorded live, totaling 7.5 hours of material!

---> Each section focuses on a particular palo (Tangos, Bulerias, Alegrias, Solea por Bulerias)

  •    💋 Lecture for identifying the overall structure of each palo, including the structure of the letra for the palo

  •    💋 Review of the music for the palo, including palmas 

  •    💋 Video walkthrough of complete dances

  •    💋 Pinpoint areas where it's easy to improvise

  •    💋 Dance lessons for simple Tangos, Bulerías pata'as; simple letra and escobilla por Alegrías and Solea por Bulerías 
  •    💋 Video links and downloadable slides and PDF's included

 Plus you will have access to this course forever!

Meet Your Maestra,
Rina Orellana

¡Hola! I'm a Madrid-trained danced with over 25 years of experience. Currently, I live in the Los Angeles area where I produce my own shows as well as teach flamenco. I teach new beginners through advanced levels, training dancers to perform in tablaos or just have a good time! Besides teaching live classes locally, I teach online through my Online Flamenco Studio where I have dancers from all over the world learn with me through video-on-demand lessons. From my many years of experience, I have developed my own style of teaching that is effective and clear. I love, love, love making flamenco understandable to students and, now, to push dancers wanting to get to the next level by dancing on stage.


One-time payment

$199 USD


Is this course live?

No. This is a course that was recorded live. You have access to the 7.5 hours of video lessons and may rewatch as often as you'd like.

How long will it take me to go through the content and be tablao ready?

Each palo lecture/lesson is just under 2 hours long, but you can watch that in segments. I originally did this course live in 4 weeks, which is a good fast paced time frame to learn the material. But it would take a few more weeks of review to truly understand. When dancing in a tablao, I recommend dancers start with the shorter dances, if possible- Sevillanas, Tangos & Bulerías. Things get more complicated (or nerve-wracking) when you add a complete solo into the mix. This is to say, that I can't say you'll be 100% tablao ready after watching these videos. HOWEVER, if you watch, practice and implement, then you'll be sooooo much more ready. Again, it's understanding the structure and just practicing and being willing to learn from mistakes!


How much flamenco experience do I need?

If you're truly ready to start dancing in a tablao on your own, you will be more of an advanced student with years of experience. However, ambitious intermediate dancers will find this information invaluable to their understanding of flamenco.


Is this course a part of the Online Flamenco Studio membership?

No. Because this course is so thorough and intensive, it is a separate fee from the membership. Buy this once and you'll have access to it forever!


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