Understand the STRUCTURE of FLAMENCO

so you can learn choreographies or even improvise with ease..... really!

Feeling LOST in flamenco?

Have you been taking flamenco for (maybe) YEARS and you have NO IDEA WHAT you're doing? 😳

You've learned a bunch of choreographies and are rather skillful at them, but you wouldn't be able to explain all the parts of the dance. It's one big "thing" that you've memorized. 

You may know there are things like letras, falsetas and escobillas, but you don't understand when they should be happening in the dance.

Or perhaps you're taking classes in the studio and "sort of" hear your teacher talking about remates, llamadas and cierres, but you don't quite understand because you're too busy trying to DANCE in class, rather than absorb the meaning of the vocabulary.


In my live classes, I'm constantly trying to explain the ins and outs of the what's happening as we dance, but I know that some of it my dancers won't understand because they're too busy trying to dance! Can you relate??

But structure is so IMPORTANT!!!

Imagine learning a string of sentences in a foreign language but you have no idea what you're saying. That is dancing a choreography and not understanding the structure of flamenco.

And then you want to IMPROVISE??? Forget about it, unless you understand the structure!

Structure of Flamenco Lecture

(aka Flamenco Theory 102)

It's one thing to be able to DANCE flamenco just by copying your teacher. But it's something entirely different to become FLUENT in the language of flamenco.

This means truly UNDERSTANDING the parts of a dance

In the STRUCTURE OF FLAMENCO LECTURE you will understand the components of a dance.

  • *Why it's essential to know this
  • *Which palos (rhythms) this applies to
  • *Complete vocabulary for a dancer

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In this one hour+ lecture you will--

The Importance of Structure

Discover all the things you can do in flamenco once you understand the structure of a dance.

Vocabulary for Dances

Understand the vocabulary that is specific for flamenco dancers and the intricacies of a dance.

What IS the Structure???

It's IMPOSSIBLE to learn flamenco without understanding the structure of a dance- the beginning, middle and ending parts. Here, we'll go over the "professional," "simple," and "complete" structure of a dance.

Who's In Charge?

During a solo, someone is always leading at different parts- the guitarist, singer or dancer. Find out who follows whom throughout your solo!

What You NEED to Know About Your Solo

YOU are responsible for your solo and to be able to communicate it to the musicians as well as express it artistically. Find out what you really need to know... it's not just "knowing the choreography!"

Video Review of Different Dancers

After the lecture portion, we will review various videos and identify the structural elements of Solea, Alegrias, Tarantos and Guajiras.

JALEOS.... what people are saying

Jaleos (hah-lay-os) are the words of encouragement and approval that get shouted during a performance. ¡Olé! ¡Toma! ¡Arsa!


Rina is a generous and enthusiastic teacher. Her love of flamenco is infectious. She explains things thoroughly, yet concisely. She demonstrates movements -  not only steps, but body position and arms and hands. After showing what she is going to teach, she breaks it down, then builds it back together, then practices with us! Thank you, Rina, for sharing your gift with us.

~Kathy S.


Rina's teaching is warm, encouraging and thorough, and you really feel that you are in a live class as you dance with her. For all of us who live in a "flamenco desert" this is a fantastic resource to find.

~Angela N.


Flamenco is a challenging dance form. Rina has a clear and unique way of breaking it down. She teaches the forms and movements clearly and slowly and also the structure of the dance. She has grace and power, expertise and patience and sense of humor. The Online Flamenco Studio is really a University of Compás! Ole!

~Cydney R.

Meet Your Teacher,
Rina Orellana

Rina is a Madrid-trained professional flamenco dancer with over 25 years of experience. She also has had her own dance academy in Los Angeles, California for 20 years. There she trains many dancers from beginners looking for a fun community and workout all the way to training dancers to perform on their own in tablaos (flamenco venues.) She also has the Online Flamenco Studio, a thriving site with over 55 courses for dancers of all levels.

Rina has a special gift with breaking down the mysteries of flamenco into easy to understand elements. So, she thoroughly enjoys watching the progress her dancers have made whether it's finally "hearing the 12" for a beginner to a tablao dancer using one of her choreographies for her show.

It’s her hope that you, too, can be more vibrant and knowledgeable in your flamenco journey with the Structure of Flamenco Lecture.

STRUCTURE of flamenco lecturE

$29 USD

  • Pay once and keep forever
  • Immediate Start
  • Access both Lecture & Video Walkthrough Videos
  • Watch as often as necessary to reinforce learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training live?

This lecture is prerecorded. You may watch it as often as you'd like after purchase.

What level of flamenco expertise is this for?

This lecture is geared towards dancers with some experience, so advanced beginners through advanced levels.

If you're more of a beginner, then you may want to start off with The Elements of Flamenco Lecture (Flamenco Theory 101).

After finishing this training, you may want to continue with How to Choreograph Flamenco (Flamenco Theory 103).

Specific and more in depth lectures for each palo are available inside the Online Flamenco Studio monthly membership.


How long do I have access to this training?

You will always have access to this video once you purchase it. You will need an internet connection for your mobile, tablet, computer or television to access the course. Downloading the videos are not possible. However, you will be able to download the slides for the presentation.

How long is the lecture?

The complete lecture is one hour and 10 minutes long- 25 minutes presentation of structure, plus 45 minutes video review of identifying key elements of a dance.


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